S Curve, 2016

The photographs presented here, “S Curve”, were shot in May of 2016, as I had just started working with an adapter to combine my medium-format digital Hasselblad with my large-format Sinar 4x5. With this series, I am working with 1- or 2-second exposures and have stationed a set of over-sized helium party balloons, or a disco ball, as props in front of the model. The viewer is positioned, as I am as the photographer, just below and behind these objects, which partially block the view of what appears to be a party or dance in progress.

A collaborative, performative process for this studio-based project involved contributing artist and model Patricia Kirshner.

Images are available as archival pigment prints, 16 in. x 20 in., editions of 5, printed on Canson Rag Photographique by master printer Jason Burstein of Conveyor Arts.

Prices available upon request.