An Italian performing feats of agility, 2015

The photographs presented here are from the series An Italian performing feats of agility, 2015. The titles are drawn from a literary reference to 16th-century entertainment. In his publication, A Book for Shakespeare Plays & Pageants, author O.L. Hatcher describes the atmosphere during Queen Elizabeth’s progresses. In particular, he lists the entertainment provided for her at Kenilworth in 1575, which on a Thursday consisted of, among other things, ‘An Italian doing feats of agility . . . ’ There are 10 images in this series.

Creating the images begins with selecting fabric and a vintage sewing pattern (my mother’s sewing patterns) and then sewing the “costumes” by hand for the model, and collaborating artist, Patricia Kirshner, who is a painter herself, and then designing the set, props and choreography for the long-exposure shots during which she moves in slow and deliberate steps to create a sense of motion and narrative.