Array of Sea Persons, 2015

This selection of photographs, “Array of Sea Persons,” comes from a new series, "Office of the Revels," which I am developing in connection with my interest in visual “cues” that move a narrative forward on stage. Titles for the works are drawn from a description of Queen Elizabeth’s “progresses” in the late 1500s when she traveled around the countryside, and was entertained for example by actors, or “sea persons,” parading waist-deep through a reflecting pool, in full costume. 

A collaborative, performative process for this studio-based project involved contributing artist and model Patricia Kirshner.

Images are available as archival pigment prints, 18 in. x 24 in., editions of 5, printed on Canson Rag Photographique by master printer Jason Burstein of Conveyor Arts.

Prices available upon request.